Description of Classes

All classes are 8 weeks duration (except Puppy Agility) for 1 hour each week.

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Puppy Agility
    This is a new class designed for puppies between 16 weeks and 12 months old.  It is a combination of clicker obedience, familiarization of non-jumping equipment for puppies (tunnels, low dogwalk, etc.) and some trick training.  This class is 6 weeks long, the first week without a dog.

Introduction to Agility
    An 8-week introductory course for dogs (and their human handlers) to acquaint them with the equipment and basic handling techniques involved in dog agility.  Most of the exercises are done on-lead.
    Prerequisite for this level is:
        -dogs over 1 year of age in good health.
        -handlers 12 years and older.
        -some level of obedience including sit, down, stay and come.

Advanced Beginners (8 weeks)
    This course is designed to prepare students for agility competition.  That does not mean that it is only for people who want to compete but it is geared toward preparation for competition.  This level also works toward working completely off-lead.
    The focus of Level 2 is in three areas:
        1) Improve equipment performance learned in Introduction to Agility
        2) Improve handling performance (i.e. the human half of the team)
        3) Learning trial etiquette.

    Prerequisite for this level is: successful completion of Level 1 OR proof of successful completion of a similar class.

Competition (8 weeks)
    This level is for dogs and handlers that are competing or are ready to compete.  This class is designed to improve handling techniques so that dog and handler work as a "team."

    Prerequisite for this level is: successful competition of Advanced level OR proof of successful completion of a similar class.  This includes being able to demonstrate the dogs ability to work all equipment at competition height in a safe and proper manner completely off lead.

Obedience (8 weeks)
    Our obedience class is designed to learn the necessary skills that your dog should have, including sit, down, stay and come.  We also work on healing and some trick training.  This class is taught using "clicker" techniques. The first week is without the dog.

Private lessons-
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Please contact us if you have any questions about
our classes or which level your dog should be in.