If you are wondering about the name "MALNJACK" and have not yet figured it out, it represents the breeds of dogs we had when we started this venture, a Belgian MALinois aNd a JACK Russell Terrier.

We also host agility trials in the Windsor/Essex County area to encourage the growth of the sport locally.  We hosted the first ever Sanctioned Agility Trial in Essex County in June 2002 and host an annual trial every year at Gil Maure Park. We also hope to host other trials in the future for different sanctioning organizations. Click HERE to go to our trial page for information on future trials.

About Us: Martin Gadsby and Lisa Brownschidle

We are located in Windsor, Ontario and hold our agility classes at Emeryville Animal Hospital (about 15 minutes east of Windsor.)  The Puppy Agility and Obedience classes are held at Devonwood Veterinary Hospital in Windsor.
We have been involved in agility since 1996 and have been competing since 1997.  We are members of the Agility Association of Canada (AAC), the North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) and United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA) plus compete in all the major agility organizations (including USDAA, NADAC, AAC, AKC and CKC) and spend most of our weekends on the road at trials.  Marty is also a USDAA Masters Judge, a CKC Excellent level Judge and DOCNA Judge.

As Instructors we have:

-experience as certified agility instructors since 1999, as well as titled several dogs in multiple agility organizations, and actively competing since 1997.

-regularly attend seminars and workshops to help us improve as instructors and handlers.

-over 25 years experience in dog training, including obedience, conformation and tracking.

We encourage anyone who is interested in taking classes with us to come out and watch a class and feel free to ask questions.

About Our Training:

We use positive, motivational training techniques that do not involve forceful training.  Food and toy rewards are encouraged.  Our emphasis is on learning safe and proper performance of the equipment in a fun environment.  We teach our students the proper methods in performing the equipment, handling techniques and trial etiquette to prepare them for trials, but this does not mean they have to trial.