The following links show MPEG videos of some of equipment performance and handling maneuvers (starring us and our dogs!)  If you have a slow Internet connection these may take some time to download.

Tire 1       -Chloe and Lisa performing the tire into a front cross (120KB)

Tire 2       -Tai performing the tire with a "wrap" (120KB)

Weave     -Chloe weaving (120KB)

Frame      -Tai performing the A-frame and finishing in 2-on/2-off position (160KB)

Table 1    -Tai performing 2 jumps to a table/down (320KB)

Table 2    -Liska onto the table into a sit position (296 KB)

Teeter      -Diesel demonstrating how we teach the teeter. (184 KB) Omega Speedmaster Replica